Bonnie Hislop: This Ain't No Ladies Boot Store - Local Wolves

Bonnie Hislop by Melanie Hinds

Perspectives submission by photographer, Melanie Hinds: “The shoot was to promote artist, Bonnie Hislop‘s latest collection of work, ‘This Ain’t No Ladies Boot Store.’ The concept as described by Bonnie is “Cute sassy feminism, the pieces are intentionally femme and decorative which is often criticized or disregarded in the contemporary art world and this body of work in itself is a protest against the male dominated art scene. I wanted the work to be able to read on a surface level as cute and non-disruptive but have a deeper message of femme strength.” 

Bonnie Hislop by Melanie Hinds
Bonnie Hislop by Melanie Hinds

Artist: Bonnie Hislop

Photography by Melanie Hinds

Hair & Makeup by Sophie Sugars

Studio: Dabbler Studio

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