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October 17th to November 6th, 2017 – A collection of photographs taken by New York based photographer, CJ Harvey on either her 35mm camera or a disposable camera of Philadelphia based band, Cold Fronts during their fall tour.

1. Out of all the cities I visited over the past three weeks on tour with Cold Fronts, Nashville was definitely one of my favorites. This picture was from the Stone Fox as we waited around between load in and sound check.

2. First stop: Pittsburgh.


3. Our freezing Bowling Green show through a venue window.


4. I think everyone was far too sleepy to remember this 6am drive through North Carolina as we made our way to DC, but it sure was beautiful.


5. Glam shot. (Also not the first time the guys wore my lipstick on this tour).


6. Our last show with The Elwins before they split off and drove home to Canada. This is the last documented photo of these tambourines all in one piece.

7. Bathroom breaks.


8. Craig convinced their label to buy us a hoverboard, so naturally we brought it to every show with us.

9. A dreamy hometown show at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia.


10. Perfecting my van driving skills at a gas station somewhere in Tennessee.

11. The band procrastinated getting Halloween costumes this year until a few hours before the show in Athens, GA.


12. Max flying around with a little help from a guest appearance by Matt.


13. The sound guy was late to our sound check in Lexington, but the view as we were stranded in the parking lot wasn’t too bad.


14. Looking out.

15. Power naps saved our lives once or twice.


16. The album release date in Chicago, where we were warmly greeted by new fans and old friends.


17. I was consistently blown away by the genuine kindness and hospitality extended towards us while we were on the road. This is the house we crashed at while we were in Nashville.


18. Hat tricks.


19. Happy birthday, Frankie.


20. The quietest moments from a diner in Champagne, Illinois.


21. You would never guess they only got one hour of sleep.

22. Craig, crashing someone’s dinner plans in Tennessee.


23. Alex and Joe enjoying the perfect autumn weather during our first of four Kentucky shows.


24. This is from the show in Fort Wayne where a massive fan kept requesting old songs that the new guitarist hadn’t learned yet. Max ended up learning “Jackie” on stage during the encore, and did such a damn good job with improvising the solos, that the band decided to open the rest of the shows with the song.


25. The morning after our last show, where I convinced Craig to stay up and watch the sunrise with me in Philly. We were both in denial that tour was actually over.


26. Hov Hoverman and Taco Rocco.


27. Shout out to Alex for tour managing all day and rocking all night.


28. Washington, DC.


29. Autumn has to be the best time to explore the country.


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