You Ain't Goin' Nowhere - Local Wolves


Perspectives submission by photographer, Mila F: “The inspiration behind the shooting was a recent trip to Paris, where I met the model Lisa who is actually a dancer. We shot inside a beautiful and fascinating old parisian building, where a friend of mine currently lives, and the atmosphere was just inspiring: a calm and mysterious space in which we could bring a story to life. She moves up and down the stairs and inside the elevator like in a parallel universe, trapped in a liminal space between space and time. She can’t go up and can’t go down, forever stuck between the floors, between the elevator and the stairs of this old parisian building. I played with different lights and colors to capture the beauty of the place and the charming aura of the model in a dreamy and cinematic way. It felt like directing my own movie inside my head, letting the magic of the place bring images and stories into my mind.”

Photographer: Mila F.
Model: Lisa Langlois

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