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Looking back on her first YouTube video, fashion icon and creator Jenn Im feels a sense of nostalgia, missing the innocence that YouTube used to hold, before it became populated by thousands of creative vloggers, dedicated subscribers, and internet sensations. Flash-forward six years later and Im has accumulated almost 2 million YouTube subscribers since that first video in 2010. With her true passion for beauty and fashion, her creative mindset, and her lovable personality, Jenn Im is part of the team of Internet stars that has transformed YouTube from that small, innocent space it used to be into the digital empire it is today. Read more about her story and other amazing creatives including Alli Cherry, Christine Mai Nguyen, Haley Blais, Ruth B and more in our November 2016 — Girl Power issue. You can read this issue and our past issues here plus the content is free to view on your desktop, mobile device or the issuu app on Apple or Android. If you would like to purchase your own print copy of any of our issues including our recent issue, you can do so here.

COLLECTIVE WORDS — EDITOR’S LETTER // Shook is the word that describe how I feel about this month so far. Besides projects and presentations that are due right after Thanksgiving break, the world itself will no longer be the same. With the results from the electron, I feel numb and confused. I’m sure we all felt uneasy as we read through our social media timelines, constant replays from the news and television screens. I felt like I had enough of seeing people in my life being in such sorrow. We are strong, vocal individuals who can overcome any obstacle, it may be difficult but it is manageable. This opened my eyes to and more creative ways to get our wolfie readers involved in what is going on in the world. It’s not just America but how the world is shaping for the future. This girl power issue releases every November and I am so thankful as an Asian American to be able to work with my amazing team to curate this month’s talents being featured in this issue. I am proud to share more inspiration for you. Don’t let the outcome of an election bring you down, you fight for what you believe in and for your dream career, anything is possible. // llustration by Laura Filas (below) – Until then, Cathrine Khom. P.S. Jenn mentioned us in her October Weekly Vlog, so awesome. Thanks Jenn!

WOLFIE SUBMISSIONS — GIRL POWER // This month was about “girl power” and we open the discussion with our readers AKA wolfies on their views on this topic in today’s society. We welcome create minds to share their stories, talents and ideas in our monthly wolfie submissions.

P.S. POSITIVITY — BE VOCAL // Our writer, Orion asked wolfies to submit their stories about dealing with insecurities to beauty standards, and it’s such a powerful and inspiring read. Remember that you are not alone, we all go through similar issues and it’s okay to be vocal about it.

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PINPOINT — BUDAPEST, HUNGARY // We collaborated with photographer, Marquel Plavan to share her adventure in Budapest, Hungary during her study abroad program in Rome, Italy.

SAFETY PINNED — BRINGING BACK 2000’S // Our fashion editorial writer, Meghan Duncan was inspired by post-90’s-grunge transition years like who doesn’t remember Lindsey Lohan’s iconic looks from 2003’s Freaky Friday.

BONUS — DEAR FUTURE AMERICA // We asked our wolfies to submit their thoughts about how they express their desires, especially thinking about, celebrating and focusing on how we as individuals want our world to be shared is a form of power.

INSIGHT — DOUBLE TAKE // We had the wonderful opportunity to work with two photographers in the girl power issue, Sophia Wilson and Callum Hutchinson and so happy with the powerful message that they captured in the editorial features.


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