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Whether it’s us watching them make dinner in their sunny and eclectic Arizona home, picking up hidden gems at thrift stores, or creating YouTube content that is genuine and inspiring, The Fashion Citizen are continuously putting out content that is refreshing to watch and leaves us wanting more. The Fashion Citizen is comprised of sister duo, Stephanie and Melissa Valenzuela who started their channel back in 2011, with a goal of putting out one fashion video everyday. Read more about their story and other amazing creatives including Bad Suns, Chase vs Everything, Grace Belle, Kris Evans and more in our October 2016 — Inspiring Souls issue. You can read this issue and our past issues here plus the content is free to view on your desktop, mobile device or the issuu app on Apple or Android. If you would like to purchase your own print copy of any of our issues including our recent issue, you can do so here.

Oct 2016, The Fashion Citizen

COLLECTIVE WORDS — EDITOR’S LETTER //Surprisingly I have been keeping myself busy with catching up on studying for my midterms, working on the edits for the magazine and interning every day. Phew! I’m clearly not perfect and spent some time doing all-nighters to get things done but hey, that’s what coffee is for! For this issue, titled ‘Inspiring Souls’ focused heavily on creative individuals sharing their memorable experiences and stories about what continues to inspire and motivate them as an individual. I feel some people can be fully motivated when they have the drive to do so, but others would rather go explore. // llustration by Laura Filas (below) – Until then, Cathrine Khom.


WOLFIE SUBMISSIONS — INSPIRING SOULS // This month was about “inspiring souls” and we open the discussion with our readers AKA wolfies on how they motivate themselves and continue to create original content that is authentic and staying true to themselves. We welcome create minds to share their stories, talents and ideas in our monthly wolfie submissions.

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P.S. POSITIVITY — ORION’S BACK // Our writer, Orion speeds us up with the past few months and we are thrilled to collaborate on more curated content with her.

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PINPOINT — RESTAURANTS IN LAS VEGAS, NV // Exploring the good eats in Las Vegas and it’s a good list to remember, go for it!

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SAFETY PINNED — ALMOST FAMOUS // Our fashion editorial writer, Meghan Duncan was inspired by the film, Almost Famous.

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INSIGHT — SKATERS IN SUBURBIA // Photographer, Trinity Gardner interviewed a few skaters about their thoughts on the current skate culture.

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